Irish Fly Charters
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Charter Information

Charter Rates: $250 - 4 hours, $350 - 6 hours, $450 - 8 hours

Call 610-853-2594 or 484-433-1488


Back Country Charters

We are dependent upon the tides for our back country charters.  Departure times are flexible, with early morning and early evening times preferred.   The Irish Fly is a modified-vee hull vessel equipped with a trolling motor to fish the back country flats, sod banks, creeks and channels.  Striped bass and bluefish are the targeted species on both top water and sub-surface flies and plugs.  Flounder are pursued on light tackle drifting live bait, squid strips or fly-fishing with sinking lines.  These trips are in calm waters, no sea sickness, less running time and less affected by the weather.

Delaware Bay Charters

Flexibility is important when it comes to the Delaware Bay.  The Irish Fly has a long range capability.  We fish the jetties and rips of the lower bay and light house structure/sloughs of the upper bay. We fish the rips and other structures targeting breaking fish with fly and light tackle.  We chunk for striped bass in the spring and fall and drift for flounder, croaker and weakfish during the summer months. 

Coastal and Inshore Charters

We will run the beach, just beyond the breakers, when the bait fish are in close looking for schooling/breaking fish.  We fish structure - jetties, inshore bouys, wrecks, artificial reefs and inshore lumps with fly and light tackle through out the season.   Targeted species include resident and migratory striped bass, weakfish, bluefish, sea bass and flounder.  As the water temperature rises in late summer, false albacore and dolphin can be caught further offshore using flies, artificial lures, live bait and trolling tackle. 

Combination Fly Casting Instruction and Fishing Charters

These charters are a minimum of six hours designed to introduce the angler(s) to the exciting sport of saltwater fly-fishing.  Instruction includes the basics of casting, specialized knots, overview of equipment (rods, fly lines and fly selection) and reading the water.  Anglers later apply their knowledge in on-water situations. 

Quality Tackle, Bait, and Flies

Irish Fly Charters provide quality tackle for use on its charters.  Sage, Scott, Winston and Diamondback fly rods are matched with Abel, Ross and Orvis Reels loaded with floating, intermediate and sinking fly lines.  St Croix light tackle rods (spinning and bait casting) are matched with St Croix, Penn and Avet reels.  The rods are pre-rigged, allowing the angler to quickly change from top water to sub-surface presentations.   Custom tied flies are available to target specific species of fish.  We also provide cut or live bait depending on the time of the year and the species of fish that are "running".

You need to bring:  Hat, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Rain Gear, Non-Marking Sole Shoes, Lunch and Refreshments.  Beer in moderation, no hard alcohol or drugs allowed.  Intoxicated anglers will be returned dockside resulting in immediate termination of charter.

$100 deposit required on all charters, balance due on day of charter.  Full refund of deposit with notice of cancellation by angler forty eight hours prior to charter.  Full refund of deposit (or credit towards future charter) on all charters canceled due to weather conditions.

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