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Fishing reports

May 4, 2019

We finally were able to get out on the water to fish the morning outgoing tide.  We fished for three hours, catching and releasing 3 Stripers up to 18 inches and 1 Bluefish at 19 inches.  All fish were taken on Berkley Jerk Shads in combination with chartreuse teaser flies.

Retired Capt. Ray Szulczewski reported his passenger catching and releasing a 27.5" weakfish later in the early afternoon at the bottom of the outgoing tide. The fish was taken on a chartreuse and white clouser.

Water temperature was 56 degrees under cloudy skies with rolling patches of fog.


Photo Courtesy of Capt. Ray Szulczewski

May 10 and 11, 2019

We fished the last two days on the incoming morning tide.  On May 10th we had a keeper flounder (Throwback), 15 Sea Herring (Flounder bait for guys at the dock) and 15+ Bluefish ( all released).  My friend caught half the blues on a small swimming plug.  I caught the rest on a chartreuse/ white half and half fly on a sink tip line.  Sky was overcast and the water temperature was 56 degrees.

On May 11th we left the dock a half an hour after dead low tide.  We got to jetty and had to wait half an hour for the action to start.  We had a 40+plus fish day with an assortment of Stripers, Bluefish and Sea Herring.   Jetty  Jocks  saw our action and followed us along jetty casting into our zone.  As we moved they moved with us.  The only satisfaction was we out fished them.  We finally left the Cape May side of the jetty and moved to the Wildwood side.  The Bluefish and Striper action was strong at the tip of the jetty along with the wave action.  We returned to the Cape May side and hooked up on a dozen or so Stripers the largest was 27.5 inches.  My friend fished Zoom jerk shads and a small swimming plug.  I fished chartreuse/white clousers on an intermediate line and had great success with the Bluefish in 7ft of water.  I later moved back to the sinking lines and Half and Half’s at the tips of the jetties.  Sky was partly cloudy and the water temperature was 58 degrees.  Water clarity was slightly worse than the prior day.


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